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Everyone and their mother is racing toward AI these days. Spending on the technology was already at a hefty $640 million in 2016, and analysts predict it’ll reach $37 billion by 2025. While we’re all ultimately working together, there’s still fragmentation in the industry as competing schools of thought grapple for supremacy. How do you build a thinking machine?

Thousands of developers have worked for decades to discover the right methodology to create machine learning and the singularity. Some believe neural networks are the key to unlocking AI’s potential, while others are exploring probabilistic programming. Many more schools of thought exist, from fuzzy systems to evolutionary computation, chaos theory, Gaussian processes, computational creativity, and more — all with their own supporters and detractors.


Why game developers should take a serious look at Apple TV

Apple has been trying to crack the home video game world for a long time, but despite its success on the mobile front, the company has so far been unable to fully penetrate a home market that still looks ripe for expansion.

Its first attempt to get into the home console business came in the form of the Pippin in the 1990s, a partnership with Bandai that was an unmitigated failure. The tech company’s latest effort to become the hub of home entertainment, Apple TV, has had mixed results on the whole. Selling tens of millions of units is fine, but when the company was hoping for hundreds of millions, the numbers feel a little flat.


Was SXSW 2017 just a dud, or is the festival dead?

While there wasn't a breakout app or piece of hardware, the festival remains "a swarm of gadget hounds bringing opportunities to my back door," writes local tech executive Q Manning. Its up to SXSW attendees and presenters to bring the energy for the 2018 festival.


AI Is Finally Bringing Conversation to the Consumer

Artificial intelligence may be one of the hottest trends in tech, but it’s still primarily viewed as a problem-solving tool. And while machines enhancing intelligence is great, the biggest gold mine will be AI’s conversational capabilities.

CoverGirl recently learned this the easy way. Its chatbot from Automat Technologies and theAmplify reportedly enjoyed nearly 1,200 times more messages than relevant comments on social media — and 1 out of 3 of those users bought CoverGirl products after engaging with the bot.


VR’s Hope for Survival Lies Outside the Gaming World

Remember when virtual reality was considered a ridiculous pipe dream relegated to ’80s sci-fi stories? Well, leading into the 2016 holiday season, it seemed like that “Tron”-like dream had come true. You could just mention the letters “VR” and investors’ ears would perk up.

But now it seems like the market’s expectations were aimed too high. While the full numbers aren’t in yet, VR sales during the 2016 holiday season seem to have come in below expectations.