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From Commercials to Websites

From Commercials to Websites

Oh, skeumorphism! How I miss you! VadoVia was one of the last projects I designed that was heavily skeumorphic, really focusing on mimicing real-world inspired shapes, shadows and objects.

A cool little iPad travel app that lets people create/take tours, then meet-up with other people on the same tour. Enrico Cortesano, the client, was one of the coolest guys Iā€™d ever met and we had a lot of fun rocking this one out.

David has the best day ever!

VadoVia needed an interesting commercial to sell the concept - a travel app that lets you create/take tours and meet-up with people nearby on the same tour.

Shot over a week in Austin, with multiple locations, and a great cast and crew, this was a fun little exercise in app marketing.

Web or Ipad

Web or Ipad

Because VadoVia courts travel bloggers or writers to provide content via a brand-expansion play, we recommended building a website that mirrored the overall functionality of the app.

This way, users could build tours either on the iPad or via the web.