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Web or Native Apps?

The first step in developing an app is determining whether it should be native or on the web. This decision will impact every stage of development, from hiring the right programmers to determining which devices it can be accessed on.

There’s still room for apps: Three tips for independent developers

Global app downloads are  on the decline, even for the most popular in Apple’s App Store. Out of established apps in the U.S., only Uber and Snapchat saw download growth in recent months. So what gives? 

Reports show that 94% of the revenue generated through the App Store goes to the top 1% of publishers, turning the business into a winner-take-all type of system. Because of this, many appreneurs are asking, “Is a market that’s stopped climbing a market I should break into?” 

Smartphone technologies to consider when developing an app

Apple has long been at the forefront of minimalistic, user-focused design. Back in the ‘80s, Steve Jobs created the Macintosh computer with a single button, bringing to life an aesthetic trend that continues to this day.

To add the functionality once provided by additional buttons, Apple installed 3D Touch into the iPhone 6, which provides a z-axis to user control using pressure sensors to determine how firm or light your touch is. Facebook Messenger has already jumped on the bandwagon of this new dimension, implementing the feature into its latest iOS update.